i always leave first period feeling like crap. why orange? because the things we do in that class is totally irrelavant to life and i smack myself everytime wondering why i ever took data. its so pointless, i dont need it ever in my life… well maybe. but i obviously don’t need it in the career path im taking. i think i was just being a smart ass when i was choosing courses. i was thinking that it would be a sweet thing to do to be a grade 12 class. i also thought that more grade 11s are going to take it since thats what the math teacher advised. ugh. the teacher talks and i dont even understand the things she says. i look like im paying attention, i am paying attention, but its just one of those things where it doesnt make sense. it’s a whole bunch of words put together, yet it doesnt translate into a understandable language in my brain. still what i dont understand is why we have to reasearch stuff when the class is about math. we have to make a whole 10 min report/ presentation about issues. in my case, preggo ladies and their safe and healthiness for the kid. how is that math?

oh and to make my rant even worse. i packed myself a semi good lunch. the fact that i even packed myself a lunch is good. and i left it at home. 😦 now i have no lunch!


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