Scarred for life.

i have a scar to the side of my non-existance bridge on my nose, it’s less than a centimetre away from the inner corner of my eye. it’s not a big enough scar that people would stare at it when you talk to them, it’s just a little darker colour. and if you feel it there’s a dent on my bone/colligan. (im not sure if that’s how you say the rubbery stuff in your ear and nose. how embarrassing)

it was recess back in grade five, everybody decided to play british bulldog. if you are not familiar with the game it’s where one person is it (the bulldog), everyone else that is playing is lined up on one side of the playground /play field. then when the bulldog says go, everyone runs to the other side. if you get tagged, you also become a bulldog. etcetc until only one person is left. anywho back to my story. we were playing, it was all good, until i smacked heads with this one kid. ( which turns out that he might have had a little crush on me, but i was too close minded to give him a thought since he was in grade four. he was a cutie tho, not gonna lie) his forhead smached into the right side of my nose, into my glasses. the plastic pad thing that sits on my nose dug into the skin it was sitting on. my glasses broke of course, crushed even. i went home crying to my mom. poor baby.

now i have a mark from that game that will forever stay on my face. good times.


3 responses to “Scarred for life.

  1. Ouch, sounds like that hurt. I’m sorry you broke your glasses, haha. I have more scars than I can count. 😛

    I think the word you’re looking for is “cartilage”, not collagen. 🙂 Collagen is the stuff plastic surgeons inject to augment facial features, like lips. 😀

    • haha i knew i was going to be wrong with that word. i was wayy to lazy to see what its actually called. i guess ive been watching way too many dr. 90210.

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