when it comes time to when you really need people to be there for you, who would it be?

friends, one would like to say that they will be there for you forever, but forever is a strong word. they can be there for you for everything, but there are always a way that can cause them to drift away, even if you say to yourself ‘im best friends with them for a reason, they would never do that.’ how do you know that they will never leave you? what connection is there that will ensure that they will always be in your life? they will have that connection with their significant other, that could be the reason. they are ‘significant’ for a reason. and then their ties with their family may be the down fall to your friendship. there is no 100% bullet proof friendship. you just have to try you best and hope that you are as important to them as they are to you.

now family. there is a very high chance that your family will be the people that will be there for you when you need help, but are they there because you truly want to? or are they there because they feel the obligation because you are blood. someone once told me, blood is thicker than water. they are there throughout your life because they are your family, but what if you were the same person inside and out but you are not related to them, obviously they would not treat you the same way. the feeling of nurture is a weird thing. you can’t control your ‘love’ for the people in your family. can it really be considered ‘love’? i know your going to say that love is an uncontrollable feeling. but if you have no idea if what you feel towards the person is true ‘love’ or if it is the responsibility of wanting to be there for someone because they are somehow connected to you, how do you know that it is something that you fully want to do? im trying so hard to make sense of this, it seemed more understandable when i was thinking about this last night.

oh and then there is the significant other. sure you ‘loved’ each other at one time, but i have seen marriages fail and trust be loss. when the spark is gone, what would be keeping that person in your life? it is unrealistic to think that a couples relationship will always have that spark they once did when they first fell in love with each other.

so in the end, i just feel that one has to be prepared that they may not always have that one person to go to when you truly need it. may it be a friend that you thought you will never separate from, or the family member that may be only there because they feel obligated to help but yet may not fully want to or the one you love and will always love. it’s a scary thought. you may be the type that would give it your all to be there for people, but do you think everyone around you feels to do the same?


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