180px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svgreality shock, i have never been so surprised about a discovery of the truth so much in my life. everything that i knew, was wrong. well not everything, but this one is a biggie. my whole life of existance, all seventeen years i have thought england’s flag was the union jack. i thought that was the flag is what represented great britain. you sai england, i picture that flag in my head.

175px-Flag_of_England.svgOh was i wrong. now i feel really ignorant for not knowing something as important as that.
i know a few flags, i know the polish, french, german, denmark, netherlands, belgium, china, japan, australia, canada, states, etc. how do i not know england’s? the country i want to go to more than any other country in the world? this just shows how much i know about my favourite country. never felt so dumb in my life.


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