challenge and honkers.

what is the point in challenging a person with the facts with your ‘i thinks’? it angers me so much. there is a reason that i am sharing this fact with you, and by fact i mean stuff i read from reliable sources eg. national geographics, news etc. but then you go ahead and try to challenge my truth for what you feel is the truth with no proof of resource. it’s annoying and basically pointless.

it’s stupid.

today, while i was walking home from volunteering at the hospital, i met up with my friend and went to the nearest bridge. its one of those bridges where the highway is underneath it. at first i was sweating balls from it cause im scared but then i started doing the honking gesture to all the trucks that went by. how satisfying is it when they pull the honker. soon the excitedment overcame the fear and i actually enjoyed myself.

now i wanna do that again, only this time with signs. at first i wanted to be totally cheezy and chiché and have a ‘honk if you’re horny’ sign. but then i was like, nahhh. ‘honk if you’re happy.’ thats cute no? then best idea ever ‘honk for world peace’ that one is totally worth making signs for! yay!


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