Boo, school.

im doing a data management isu. its a prego ladies and their healthiness. maybe it’s just this topic, but it is so hard! its not like the other topics with all the variables. mine are limited. i can do what other people are doing, eg. compare people with diabetes by sex. i can’t do that! mine are all women, so there goes those graphs. this probably has the same difficulty level as the other ones everyone else has. i think i’m just mentally challenged, if anything, i probably have a mild case of it. i said this on anna’s facebook, so i thought i should share it again. the doctors probably thought it was unnecessary to tell my parents about my ‘problem’ when i was born. god. and i have to have this 10 min presentation done on tuesday to present. honestly i don’t do good with presentations. well… maybe it’s because i have not taken anyclasses that requires me to presentate since last july? yes, last class i had to present in was in summer school for english.

speaking of summer school, i signing up for summer school this year again, for grade 12 english. if you’re wondering, no i am not taking summerschool because i’m stupid, its so i dont have to take the damn course during the school year and come up with a dreadful bad mark. atleast in summer school it’s easier and shorter and i get a better mark. yes it’s the easy way out, but why the heck not?


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