i feel that dreaming is such a magical thing, i have a feeling that i might have blogged about this before, i’m not sure. i checked and i didnt see anything so i’m going to blog about it anyways. dreaming is my escape from reality, its a place where i can go back in time to a place that holds the memory and relive it all over again. it is a place that things happen that might not happen in the real world. its a place where i can be and do what ever i want. i head to bed thinking that i would dream, i know i may not remember the majority of them in the morning, but at least i would ‘experience’ it in the dream world at one time.

i wish the real world was more like the dream world. but our world is too complicated for that, there are too many imperfections to be ever consider a dream. but instead of ‘wishing’ that the world is more like how i would really like it, i can do everything in my power to follow my dreams. so that’s what they mean by letting your dreams be your inspirations to life. it’s going to happen.


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