What am I suppose to say?

im not good at comforting people when they are upset or tell me their problems. i have never been raised to know what to do when that happens. and when ever i don’t know how to react, i feel like a bad friend. my friends are spilling their life and problems out to me, and i just stand there, trying to know what to do. i sucks. and i’m afraid to say the wrong thig, what if they don’t want me to say anything, what if they do and i decide to keep my mouth shut? its a lose lose either way. i really need to read some book on how to deal with others. i guess i can’t complain about it much, im not close enough to much people for every single person to tell me about their life, if that happens, i really dont know if i would give enough to care at that point. the way things are right now are perfect.


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