my mother gave me her debit card to pay for my fillins when i’m done. she decides to leave. i go through the most uncomforable time ever. pay for it and get yelled at. she tells me that i shouldnt have used the debit if it was over 100 dollars. well mother did you tell me that? and then she complains about how much the fucking filling was. i’m sorry that you lived off welfare for the past few years and had a fuck load of discounts on everything single fucking thing. but seriously this is the real deal. and i’m sorry that i got two fucking cavities. i brush my teeth, but i guess not good enough. like fuck me. i don’t want cavities, i didnt choose to make you spend the money. so great you take out your fucking rage at me. blaming me for paying with the debit card, blaming me for not asking how much the fucking filling was suppose to cost, blaming me for not asking for the dentist that gives us discounts for leaving a ‘equipement’ in your tooth when they did your root canal, blaming me for getting the cavity. what am i suppose to do? ask how much it is and if its expensive say no and have my fucking hole on my tooth get worse? its your fucking fault for being cheap and not getting fucking insurance, you know we would get cavities then why not? seriously. im so mad right now. and she makes me drive as she rants about this shit. and then half way home blames me for not going to fucking walmart. um did you tell me you were going to walmart? i was the one that had to get drills and metal slammed into my mouth. now my fucking right side of the mouth is numb along with my tongue. way to make me feel way better. and sweet pms all of the house. fucking shit. mom you’re a joke.

sorry for all the words.


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