today i realized that this one kid i talk to alot in class is a real ‘bitch’. it just hit me on how horrible of a person he is, constantly bashing on ‘large’ people along with people who had disabilities. i never laugh with his jokes nor do i agree with them. i just always end up telling him how horrible it is and laughs and shrugs it off, somehow like he’s proud of being a douche.

then it got me thinking, am i a bad person? obviously if i do something to make people feel badly about me, i probably would not be able to take the time to analyze myself. analyzing me is other people’s job. do i come off as a bitch? how about an asshole? what do people think about me. my friends would probably say good stuff about me because they are my friends, but what about other people that is able to think about me as a person and doesnt always have to tell others how they think.

how do i come off as a person? what is the first impression i give people? good or bad?


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