Sneaky Sly.

my contacts have officially been in for fifteen hours. its not healthy. i put them in this morning around 7, and its still on now and maybe still on for a few more hours. im sneaking out, to hang out with people. i didnt plan it till tonight. and i’m out in like 15 mins.

last time i snuck out was last year the last weekend of may. not a good weekend. but i waited over a year to do it again. so it cant be that bad eh? i’ll be good i just wanna chill.

so i think im going to change into some new contacts, or not… or i should i think i should. my eyes are red. well kinda. just a little. i think i should change out of them.

lets hope i dont get caught. i have to send my bros to sleep at 11. and then crawl out my window. oh boy.


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