Teeny Adjustment.

Over time my name has transformed to it’s short form. i don’t mind, though i used to. i used to get frustrated when people can’t take the time to pronounce my whole name. but now, people call say my short form enough, that i don’t even notice anymore. i honestly don’t how often people say it now, i just respond to what ever that gets my attention. I even have my facebook name along with my msn name that now, what ever, at first it was to just change it up abit, but now it corresponds with what people call me. it’s subtle unnoticable change like that that makes me think about how even the little changes can happen. nothing sayin that this a ‘change’ but in a way it is.


One response to “Teeny Adjustment.

  1. I know what you mean. I have 3 names people call me and it’s annoying when you want one group (so to say) call you one way and others other way and you end up with them mixed up, nobody calling you what you’d like them to 😛
    But now I got used to it, and it’s good when I meet new people so I can immediately say I am *name* and be done with the mix ups 😛

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