There is no perfection in the world. On many levels it is true.

Beauty has no perfection, it’s wrong to give features that make one person more ‘perfect’ than others. it is all an illusion, an opinion that differs from person to person. Everyone will someday meet their ‘perfect’ someone that they may feel is the most beautiful person in the world. but if all these people are ‘perfect’ then hell, we live in a beautiful world. obviously that’s not the case, i’m sure people are not going to want to admit that everyone is perfect, so what is left is that there is no perfect beauty within our world. take it or leave it.

On the same note, there is nothing that can be perfect. Either it is music, art, or anything else in that genre. one may do or create things at such a high skill where it seems to be created with such virtuosity, but it is no where near perfection. no one on the face of the earth knows what perfection is, so how can you say something is ‘perfect’? yes you have done something better than anyone else has done before, but that only rises the bar for others to work towards. let’s just say something has been ‘perfected’ there is no way you can perfect what has already been ‘perfected’, but if there were no perfection to start off with, the world can always strive for more. that my friends is the reality, things just keep getting better, yet in no way is it getting ‘perfect’

again, perfection is an illusion put upon us to create or work towards something that is non-existance. but i guess having the idea in the back of our minds, is not a bad thing as it makes our world better each day.


One response to “NonPerfection.

  1. love this post. and even though I myself try and reach perfection in most cases, I realize it’s impossible, but it’s good to try. who knows what would happen if no one tried their best? 🙂

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