trailer surfing.

once again i am trailer surfing. and so far i have been satisfied with what i’ve seen.

the cove – i really want to see this movie. it’s a documentary about activitists that went to japan to unveal some major secret about this one city that kills dolphines and such and the country doesn’t even know about.

the ugly truth – romantic comedy, looks cute. but i think i can wait till this is out on dvd. or better yet out on the computer

funny people – it seems cute. but i dont think i would want to watch it.

aliens in the attic – total kids flick. i guess i would have wanted to see this if i was 10. but guess what im not? robert hoffman is in it. though not really diggin his hair. and then theres ashely tisdale, kid movie for sure!

gi joe: the rise of the cobra –  looks lame. no offense.

the final destination –  woot another one. they all end up the same. everyone dies and everyone tries to cheat death, and they end up dying anyways. big woop. i dont like seeing people die. bye.

bandslam – vanessa hudges and aly from aly and aj. nuff said. another performing movie with battle of the bands and winning and oh liking people.

the time traveler’s wife –  maybe i’m being bias because i kind of read this book and really enjoyed it. it looks really good. but i unno if it would be the same for someone that hasnt known about this story. i go so emotional towards in the end. this is one that i will see for sure! cant wait. i’m going to watch it again. that luck is it that the trailer comes out 11 hours ago, and i decide to go for my trailer surf today? its destiny!

a perfect getaway – that kind of ruined my mood from the previous movie  trailer. total action pack killing, escaping from being killed, never been a big fan of that.

paperheart – documentary of a girl not believing that she will ever find love. but it turns into her getting into a relationship with micheal cera. part of me doesnt feel this documentary is legit cause micheal cera in it and all. looks cute though. micheal cera is cute 🙂

post grad – exactly what i am afraid of after i get out of school. life sucks.

so i just about gave commentary to movie trailers, how lovely of me. and on the other hand how embarrassing that i just spent about an hour watching movie trailers. its a monthly ritual i swear! haha!


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