Yesterday i found out that the reason that my locker was not decorated for my birthday over a month ago was because my friends ‘forgot’. when i questioned about it a while back, they said that it reason that my locker was no decorated was because my birthday was on the weekend, hense there really is no point. but thinking back, my birthday the previous year was on the weekend too, and my friends at the time decided to decorate it, though it was not that eye satisfying, i still appriciated it because they took the effort of decorating it even though i was at school already and got someone to walk around the halls with me just so i cant peek. but this year i even arrived at school late so people would have time to decorate it. i come to my locker and nothing. i kept in my slight dissapointment all day, not bringing it up. i guess i’m being a baby about it. i did mention before that i dont care about my birthday, but still i like to know the fact of when people acknowledge my birthday.

my friend then told me that its a ‘child’ thing. okay never said i was mature in that sense. there are certain things that i am mature at, i’m not legally an adult yet, so i don’t need to ‘mature’ up to be able to compare to the rest of the adult world. and when you think about it. the adult world consist of everyone from 18-65. and hells, i’m not there yet. i’ve got another year to waste on my childhood.


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