Time and Space

So today I came across a book about time and space, and i read something that made me thing.

This is in the the topic of time travel : If a boy goes back in time to kill his grandfather, one would assume that the boy would never be born. but then if the boy was never born, how would the boy be able to travel back in time to kill his father. this got me thinking for almost the rest of the day. my first conclusion was that, once the boy kills the grandfather, there won’t be ‘the boy’ to begin with to kill the grandfather, so the grandfather would be alive and the cycle would repeat. then i thought ab0ut it, thats not right if he keeps on getting killed and not, so that would not really work. my friend then said that once the boy kills the grandfather, there would be a break in the time line, where the grandfather would have made an impact on the time space continum. but then i came to the final conclusion of once the grandfather is killed, the boy would have never been born. hense no one would be able to kill grandad, so grandfather would be able to continue his place in the timeline, but maybe totally different.

I also came down to the idea to agree with a few people out there that time is no linear, time occurs all the time. therefore more than one time other than the present exists. there is no way to explain it. maybe time isn’t 1,2,3,4, etc like the regular person would think and that time is everywhere and that it is not numerical.

what do you think?


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