not to brag, but i feel that i do fairly well in design. it is a course that i enjoy, and it is something that i do well in. but when a certain someone decides to challenge me and question about why my mark is so high it makes me angry. while i sit and actually do my work and exceed, you fall behind because of your perfectionist ways does not let you complete your projects. not saying that it is a bad thing, but when it is obvious that i work at a faster rate than you, why would you be frustrated at why i’m ahead of you. ‘what the hell orange, how the heck are you ahead of me?’ there is a reason why i have top mark in the class, why don’t you just suck it up and live life without complaining.

and here is another scenario that peeved me off. we had a test last friday, it was a open book test where it questions our knowledge about the building code in our province. i felt that it was only fair if i kept my mouth shut for the test, since we did have the advantage of looking in the book. i finished feeling iffy, but i didnt complain, i just went straight to work on my assignment in hopes that it will bring up my mark because of the failure test. so this someone, let’s call him gramma, doesnt finish the test, of which we had 73 mins to work on it, works on it monday. sweet i had no problem with that, except that on monday he has, what i would call a, conference with the other people that were still working on the test. they spent another 73 mins walking around showing each other where the answers are. this whole time i couldnt believe what was happening, and i’m not the type to tell either. my teacher is just way to chill to care, i guess if i had the heart i could have done what they were doing too, but i felt that just wasnt fair. it’s called an open book test not a ‘letswalkaroundandgiveeachotheranswers’ test. a few days later we got back out tests. i got a 80% and that little brat got a mark in the 90s. okay, what happened happened, cant complain. but what kicked the hammer up my ass even more is that gramma dares to say this  ‘oh look, now that my mark went up, and yours went down, we finally have the same mark.’ that was a punch in the balls, and i was lady enough to not call him out on it. what makes you think that we’re meeting in the middle? you beat me in one thing, while i dominate you in all the rest of the assignments and tests. i even have assignments handed in that are going to go towards being extra marks of which you were too fucking stupid to complete. its not that i’m mad over marks, i’m just angry at how inconsiderate this person is on what he says. well i guess i can’t complain, since i didnt mention him a previous post about being a really rude person.

okay, time to look over my business notes for my exams tomorrow and head to bed. taaaa.


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