Ya old geezer.

i was listening to the radio, and after hearing something i felt the immediate urge to blog about it. please take note that i was heavily studying for my physics exam tomorrow and felt that this was more significant to do.

i guess it is a tradition to the radio station i was listening to to play an old school track at this time every night. im just listening to the dj describe the upcoming song, and he said ‘we’re taking you all the way back to 1999.’ i’ve never thought about it, but 1999 was ten years ago, and that is considered old school? that is such a weird realization. i have thought about this before, many times actually. i have a past, i have gotten to an age where i can actually look back at things and the changes in the decade. me and my friends talk about shows that we watched as a child, and how the children shows ‘these days’ are nothing compared to them. just using the words ‘back then’ and ‘these days’ gives me the chills. time just slipped by me without me even knowing. i remember everything like it was so recently. i often think back at my grade eight graduation. man that was 3 years ago. yes that is not a very long time, but everytime i look back more time as gone by, and someday it would be 20 years ago. i still remember everything about that day, that night, and everything that happened before that.

a few years ago, there was not enough memories or past to share and compare with people. but now that i’m older, and have experienced more things, i have the privilege to say ‘ when i was your age…’ yes i am able to say that to the juniors. i see people younger than me, and i think about what i could have done differently at their age, and how i would give anything to go back to those days. i wonder what it would be like if at this moment i was not the age i am, but younger. would i have done things differently if i knew what i knew now? of course. i have grown so much as a person in the past few years. i learned so much about myself and how to interact with other people and how to act in different situations. i have experienced my first part of the ‘experimental’ part of my life, and that makes me more knowledgable. my childhood is almost over, the next chapter of my life is going to start soon. and to be honest, it’s going to come too fast. this time next year i would look back at this post thinking how right i was.

Dear future orange
Stay good and i hope you haven’t done anything stupid. i know you’re a rebel, but i sure you’ll remember your morals. its good to learn from your mistakes and we both know that. but ‘they’ will only tolerate so much before you get in real doodoo. after you read this this time next year. right me a response 🙂
Love present orange.


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