Maybe this makes me bent?

this weekend i went to toronto for pride weekend. i have been going since last year, so this would be my second annual pride participation. i choose to go. i support this lifestyle and wish that more people can accept it. our society has come a long way, the toronto pride week started about thirty years ago in the 70’s, and it has been growing ever since. i enjoy going too, i like seeing all the neat stuff that i would not see if i were in a small city like where i am now. i like the crowd, the bigger the better, it’s my own kind of high. i just love the whole experience. the people are all nice and laid back, during the two days i am there, there are no judgements. people do what they want to do, walk around naked, topless, dress up in ridiculous ways it is what pride is all about. the whole atmosphere is just too crazy for closeminded people.

i am proud of going to pride, participating in it and supporting that community, but if by me going to it makes people question my sexuality so be it. i choose who i tell about my short ‘holiday’, not because i’m ashamed but i really don’t think they can handle it. the ones i know that would accept it and maybe find it fascinating sums up only a few of the people around me. the rest gives me the look of disgust when i mention it, they ask me why i am going to it, they ask me if i am gay or bi, they ask me why i would want to be part of ‘that’? i would then explain what i see and have seen and what i enjoy and they just see it as weirdness. but hey, it is weirdness. i walk down the street and i see men naked, drags in gorgeous dresses and women walking around topless. take it or leave it. just accept reality and stop thinking negative about everything.

i actually have everything right to be there. the event is to gather those who are gay, bi, trans that fit into the category along with those straight allies that support the lifestyle. it is a statement towards the rest of the world, to show the changes that has happened in the past three decades.

now back to my experience this year. saturday was a dud, the dyke march that is. honestly i think it is nothing compared to the pride parade on sunday. my theory is that since the dyke march represents the lesbians, they are the only one that are in. but the pride parade represents anything pride, huge companies take this as an opportunity to advertise their products and more organizations show off what they got. i got a glisp of the march while i was drinking my bubble tea. later on that night, i went over to church street to see what they had. it is always my favourite part the crowds and the whole vibe. like it said before it’s my own type of high. there are so many performances and hot people posing for pictures. i took a few pictures with nearly nude sculpt men. they sure put a smile to my face. later on that night around 1 we went down again with my brothers since they just arrived with my mom. we wanted to give them a glimps of what to expect. i’ll be honest and say that i was really jealous that everyone was able to go the clubs. there were clubs everywhere, along with the endless lines of people waiting. the night was just beginning. everything was loving life and drunk. and then there was me, the underage one. this just makes me want it more, and this will make my visit in two years when i’m legal way better. sunday came around, the big day. it was raining during the morning and into the after noon abit, it was a total mood stomper. but i still go freebies when i went down church st with all the stands. we then went over to where the floats were before the parade started to look at the floats close up. it was really everyone was super excited and they were all looking hot! i guess the rest of the day consist of hanging out back at the apartment, then out for sushi, then went down church a few times again before heading home.

i really don’t think people can actually understand what pride is all about unless they experience it themself. it is not a huge city orgy of gays, bis, and trans. it is a gathering of the community along with those from around the world.



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