Summer School.

summer school started today.

it started off with me being excited, and making plans on where i would sit with my best friend. then it all went down hill when we saw what class we were assigned to. well so i thought.

turns out all the people i know from my school that are taking grade 12U english are all together, while i’m in the odd girl out in my class. there is only one girl that i go to school with that i’ve kind of talked to at school. but that was as low as my day got, like i said it was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. my teacher turns out to be a total sweet heart with a sense of humour and understands us young’uns. we spent the first two blocks of learning time writing an essay stating if we were extrovert or introvert. after that we got into partners and introduced each other to the class based on the essay. needless to say, none of that counted as marks. it was funny what some people said in the essays and the introductions. i could tell right away that this was going to be a fun class. later on we started reading ‘life of pi’ and that ended the day. time went by fast can’t complain.

at first i envied the other kids because they knew all the people in their class. but as they started explaining the work they have done, and the essays (emphasis on the ‘s’) they have due at the end of the week, i am thankful for the class i was put in. i am no longer jealous of them, it’s the other way around now. well for some people that have admitted it anyways, i can’t be speaking for all people.

im actually excited for summer school 🙂

ps. what made my day the most is reading on the course outline that we are going to read MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. i love love love that! and i cannot wait!


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