New friend. Friends.

i have not made a new friend since grade 10. yes i have met people over the course of that time till now, but they have only become acquaintances.

i’m so happy, it’s someone new in my life. it’s someone new that i am able to tell things to and have things to be told to me. it has always been a difficult thing for me to meet someone and be comfortable with them. without the awkward silences and self conciousness. i could be myself and not have to try my hardest to impress this person. i just hope our friendship will last.

this is just the start, this is another stepping stone for me for the future. i will have to do it again when i go off to university. by knowing that i was able to make a new friend that actually count it makes me feel that i will be able to do it again.

for the longest time i was afraid that having the friends that i have now was just luck. it was luck that i became friends with these amazing people, and it is their choice that they want to be friends with me. meaning that they can drop me whenever they want. but honestly, if they do decide to randomly drop me, it is possible. it’s their choice, i don’t take them for granted. i see them as people that were sent down to me to be in my life.


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