Behind the mask.

I feel ugly without makeup. this has gotten worse over time, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. i feel that over time i have worn less makeup on a regular basis. this summer my makeup for a regular day for summer school has been liner on the top blended with black shadow, no mascara etc. but while it looks like that since i’m wearing less, maybe im more confident in myself. no, it’s not that. i go on during the day trying not to look at the mirror, and when i do i shudder at the look of my face. i simply don’t have the time to try everyday.

When I do wear makeup, the more steps I put into the final product, in this case, my face. the better i feel. i play with makeup from now and then, and i feel more attractive when i wear my false lashes, and the eyeliner, etc. recently i discovered the magic of face makeup. i tried contouring my face, and may i say the result is amazing.

though i know all these skills to work on in my face, i don’t think i would do it on a regular basis. i think a wise friend told me this, or maybe it was just a realization. if you do your makeup at full max everyday, how are you going to ‘wow’ people when you need to for a special event. and if you have a thick layer of makeup everyday, concealing you’re natural ‘beauty’ (or not), you are going to be hacking ugly when people see you raw and untouched. it’s possible to give people heart attacks and reality checks when that happens.

makeup. one of the many things my life depends on.


One response to “Behind the mask.

  1. That’s so true, you’re very right!
    I don’t usually wear too much make-up, except eyeliner when I go to work. One line is enough and lip balm is all I need. I tend to scratch my eyes, in the summer it’s hot and sweaty, fall is filled with rain and winter is just cold and snowy so all these make me use less make-up. But I don’t mind.
    If it’s a special occasion like an outing with friends somewhere more special, or with my Sweetheart, taking photos, on holidays, etc. I use eyeshadow too, powder and lip-gloss, but still keep it as natural as possible, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing as much make-up as a clown 😛

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