A wish…

I saw a shooting star today.

I was riding my bike home from my friends house and all of a sudden, I see the sky flash as if there were flashes of lightning. The whole sky lit up when this happened, and I thought it actually was lightning. I then prayed to god that it was not going to rain, cursing at the weather. I then looked up at the sky to await the rain, but instead I saw something else. It was a quick streak of light. It lasted for less than a second but it was a moment to last a life time. I saw a shooting star.

I have seen this phenomenon twice before this time and my reactions afterward has never changed. All these happened within two-three years. It always brings a smile to my face, knowing that I was lucky enough to see such an amazing and rare sight. But the only downside is that every time that I see a shooting star, I forget to make a wish. I get caught up with the realization of what just happened and it is usually only till someone ask if I made I wish upon the falling star that I remember that I didn’t.

I cannot wait till my next encounter with my little friend.


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