Fuck my life.

This weekend me and my family along with my friend are going for a little vacation to niagara falls. We are going to stay at this hotel that is attached to a water park. Several issues arised:

  • Total people: me, stanley, two brothers and mother (total=5) We think of getting a two queen size bed room which is base on four people (fifth person extra) and comes with four water park passes. Plan: sneak stanley in and the kids use the passes while mother say back and chill.
  • Mother decides to invite her friend and her son. Plan: same room plan, sneak two more people in.
  • Plan changes: Get a three queen size bed room which comes with 4 passes, and sneak one person in. (max=6)
  • Two days ago, my mother calls me and ask if it was okay to delay the trip, even though I was upset by the fact because me and my friend has been getting pumped for it, I accepted the change and was ready to tell my friend.
  • Yesterday, my mother calls me and asks how I would feel if we still went, awesome. So I reserved our room.
  • First time reserving, booked the wrong weekend. Called in to fix it.
  • Mistakenly booked the day before. Called in to fix it.
  • Fixed and good. Until my mother comes home and tells me to change the room to a two queen size. Called in again. (note this all happened in an hour)
  • Today, my mother tells me to change it back to a three bedder. Called in again.
  • 5 minutes later, mother comes down laughing knowing I would be mad and asks if I can change it back. I had a fit and said no and spazzed at her and told her to fuck off.

As you can see, I got really frustrated at something that could have been so great. I was filled with annoyance and anger. Can people really not make up their mind with shit? I think I know what the problem is. My mother was raised to be cheap and is always thinking up schemes to get the ‘best’ out of deals. I think it’s an asian thing. Trying to sneak people in, at a point she was thinking of sneaking 3 fucking people into a room with 2 beds. How the fuck did she think that was going to work? Is she that mental?

There anger out and I feel better.


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