Get out.

I really want to get out and just meet new people. At the moment, I am so close to that, yet it just doesn’t seem like it is happening. It is also something I really need right now. I am tired of the faces I see in the hallway, they mean nothing to me.  All I have right now are my best friends. I don’t want to replace them in anyway, but I know I am going to need more people this time next year. At the moment, I just don’t  meet people the way other people do. I don’t go out enough and the people my friends know I basically know.

I guess what I am saying that maybe when I meet new people, this would open the door for the ‘guys’. It is an opportunity, plain and simple. At times when I am not on my own ‘turf’ I feel that I am able to be what ever I want to be. This results in when I come in contact with cute guys I don’t have to worry about them thinking about how I really am. It’s a new me with no luggage. I’m so tired with the people that are acquaintances to me.


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