Oh hey.

Okay, as spontaneous as this sounds and as amazing stupid as it seems, it is confermed that I am going to have a ‘Beautiful/Hot Men’ page. I just decided. This way I won’t always have to create single blog posts for hot men. I can now gather then all in one page and I can stare and admire all at the same time. Oh am I smart.


2 responses to “Oh hey.

  1. your intellect has left me floored.

    that was sarcasm, but i’m not saying you’re stupid or anything -_-. quite interesting in fact :).

    anyway, i’m simon. i caught this link off your pen pal site? and you seem pretty articulate, in which case i would like to write you a lengthy email detailing my incredible life. how about that?

    • Please don’t judge me as a total boy crazy gaga type of person that only blogs about the boys. I’m more than that.
      I’m glad that you think I’m articulate, I do try 🙂
      It would be nice to read about someone else’s incredible life, seeing as mine just isn’t quite so.

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