Why this and not that?

No snort, No smoke, No injection.

That is my motto with drugs. Thought I have never done any drugs my self, what is stopping me from doing a type of drug that doesn’t fall into one of the categories above?

Would I react the same way towards a happy brownie the same way I would react to a fat joint? I personally don’t think I would. Alcohol is a drug, and I’ve drank it. Why is it that I would put alcohol into my body and not those other drugs? I think what it comes down to is, why is the reason I don’t do the typical drugs? I understand that it is a poison to the body, yes so is alcohol. And it is a hallucinogen, but alcohol is kind that too. The reason I don’t see myself doing those other drugs is because I cannot see myself smoking, snorting or injecting.

When I here about mushrooms, I understand that it is a drug, but I don’t see it as bad as the other kind. Maybe it is, but in my mentality it’s different. While others see drugs as bad because it may ruin people’s lives and such, I see it as a gross action. But there are some drugs that are eaten or drank.

I’m just scared that this state of thought will cause me to eat or drink some illegal drug that might fuck me up. But I guess I won’t know how I would react/respond until I am actually in the situation.


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