There are just some people in your life that you don’t get to choose. They are there, basically set in stone to haunt your life. You can try to ignore their existence, but no matter what they will make it obvious that they are there. I feel nothing for this person and I’m sure this person feels the same towards me. I would not care if this person suddenly drop dead or gets struck by a truck. I’ve tried so hard to make the awful relationship between us work, but no matter how hard I try he always finds a way to fuck up my progress of trying to be nice. People tell me that I don’t really feel this way towards this person and that I would regret all my deathwishes towards if something does happen. I don’t want this person in my life anymore. I’m so close to leaving him behind me forever. I’m sure he would like my out of his life too. After I leave, I feel no need to ever make the effort to talk to him anymore. This creature has been taunting my life for the past 12 years, and so many times where I’ve wished his existence is gone. I want the only thing keeping us in common is our share of blood, nothing else. I’m not going to try to be civilized either when we are grown adults. I will not want to see him anywhere outside of family gatherings. No cups of coffees for us.

I wish death upon you. You’re dead to me.


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