Paid off.

I never thought that I can ever end up receiving money from doing well in school. I actually never gave the idea of scholarships any thought. I know my marks are not enough to get me any decent scholarships. My marks are mid-low eighties at the moment, definetly not enough to get me a thousand dollar scholarship. Oh well.

Any who, today I received $125 from doing well in school. That is a first and may probably be my last. I’m not being a pessimistic, I’m being a realist. I was actually really excited the whole time leading up to the event. Yes I’ve been there before, but for the past two years it was for the honour society. I have yet to recieve any concentrated subject awards, nor did I expect it. This just shows that for me, I’m not one to compete with others for awards and such. I don’t try to ‘beat’ people. It is not a competition for me. I do my best and see what happens.

Speaking of competitions. I don’t understand why some people see school as a competition against everyone else that is in it. Maybe that is the way you motivate yourself, but some people take it too extremely. I feel hurt and dumbed down when people see my mark, people that are usually let’s say ‘ the smart kids’ and either celebrate from the fact that they are beating me, or say something like ‘how the hack are you getting a higher mark than me?’ Um sweet? Keep your competing mindset to yourself ok


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