Again and again and again.

Everyday is the same for me. I’m basically reliving each day over and over. Every weekday, I wake up, school, home, homework, maybe gym sleep. Weekends, wake up, morning routines, gym, home, do nothing.

It is so bland. There is never anything new. I fell pathetic as my friends tell me about their exciting life, talking to interesting people, doing something different something that is not within my day’s schedule. I never have any stories to correspond to the stories that is told to me about someone’s life. I’m always the listener. Awe-ing at the juicyness of people’s day.

Is it sad that the only new stuff that occurs during my day is seeing something new on the internet (eg. youtube, movie) ?

I talk to the same people everyday, I see the same people everyday. I don’t even know when was the last time I have met someone new that is the least bit interesting to spice up my day. I wake up everyday thinking ‘Another day, I hope something out of the ordinary happens.’ I don’t try to expect much, maybe just being able to talk to someone new, see something that is worth remembering.

I get upset when I even think about it. Another point that tags along the lines about my life being boring and dull. All the time I leave my phone somewhere, decide not to touch for maybe half the day in hopes of new notifications. Maybe someone decides to text me out of the ordinary. Maybe someone thinks I’m important enough to just give me a call to say hi. Finally, I decide to turn over my phone. There is always a state of anxiousness right before. It never follows through. Nothing, nada, just my wallpaper of muscular back with slight sight of butt crack. Sigh. Some people are just so interesting.

My days are so predictable. This is why I love doing something different, going somewhere that isn’t here. To stretch what I’m trying to say, something different for me is like escape from reality. It’s unreal, who would think anything interesting is happening in my life? Oh my.


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