You are very [insert compliment here]

I should be dead asleep right now, but I don’t feel like it yet. Maybe after this.

I do get jealous when people get nice compliments that just boost up someones day or their confidence. Not I’m not saying that they shouldn’t get it, but I would be nice if I get something nice and unexpected once in while. Something from someone different, that way I would know that you’re not just saying because you are my friend and that you are obligated to say such thing. Something nice that I might not have known that someone thought that about me. I’m always so down on myself so it would be nice to hear something like that. A change. This may link to the last posting. Something out of the ordinary that would happen that would put a smile to my face because it is just that nice. Being flattered is nice though a lot may not be the best. I can’t remember when the last time I got an unexpected flatter attack from anyone. Especially from the opposite sex. Maybe this is just about attention from guys? I don’t get much. I’m always just the girl in class or someone they see. Sigh. When will it change?


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