When something taste like ‘nothing’ what is this nothing? You taste this ‘nothing’ when you are not eating anything, or when there is no any distinct taste in your mouth. But is this taste ‘nothing’? I randomly came across this fact and I find it fascinating. This taste that apparently has no taste is actually our own saliva. So technically, it really isnt nothing, but it is it’s own taste. Our taste buds are just so accustomed to it, that it treats it as the ‘neutral’ taste. So next time think about when you are about to say stuff like ‘Man this doesn’t taste like anything.’ or ‘ I can’t taste anything at the moment.’ You are tasting something, your spit.

Alright another thought that I came across today. Winnie the Pooh. So basically it is a ‘pooh’ named Winnie. Alright so what is this pooh that has a name named after it? I understand taht Winnie the Pooh is a stuffed bear, but really? Pooh? Where did it come from? I was in complete shock over this up until someone explained it to me. His name is Winnie the Pooh, that is it’s whole name. Pooh is just part of his name. Alright, now that brings me to the next question, who in the world would name something with the word ‘the’ in it? Yes I understand, an example would be Alexander the Great, but that is only his nickname, a name he is known for, he had an actual legit name before that. But what about pooh? If Winnie the Pooh is actually the actual name of the yellow honey bear, how does that name make sense?


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