Wiener and the bun.

Sometimes you get the wiener and sometimes you get the bun. But when eating the bun makes me the one that has to suffer in the end, it is full bullshit.

Here is what happened. I was at the store, and knowing that I ran out of make up remover, I thought I should buy some. Mother dearest being the darling that she is, tells me that I don’t need to get it as she has some at home. I wasn’t sure if she actually had some but I trusted her words thinking that maybe she does have some that I haven’t seen before. Moment behold that when I finally need it just now and ask my mother for the make up remover it turns out that she doesn’t even have anything for me. She takes out this pack of paper towels. I see them and I knew I was screwed. She gives me an uncertain smile and says ‘What’s this?’ She opens the wrapping and out comes the type of paper towel you would use to dry your hands at public washrooms. Funny, because this has to be the day where I decide to wear waterproof makeup and false lashes. Y’see having make up in my eye when I put on my night lenses are not the funnest thing to have. The bits and pieces of un-removed make up gets trapped under the lenses over and over again causing me with extreme pain. She doesn’t understand that causes me to suffer very much for the next 12 hours. I was very mad, mad that I trusted her with her stupidity and bullshit. She was unsure with what she even had in the first place and tried to be the smart guy.

End of story, end of my day.


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