My part.

I just finished watching the movie ‘The Cove’ and my heart has been aching ever since. What I saw felt like it can’t be real, that it must be computer generated. But it’s not. All the killing, blood, interaction was all real.It’s just hard to imagine such horror in a society we are in today.

Basically the people of Taiji, Japan are mass slaughtering dolphins everyday. To a point where the water are the killing point is such in the picture to the left. Why hasn’t the world addressed this issue yet? Or even the rest of the people in Japan? They don’t know, a media coverage. Now that I think of it, this is just like the whole holocaust thing, where the rest of Germany and the world did not know about the horror that was happening in the concentration camps. This is similar in so many ways, if not exactly the same. The victim does not have the choice to choose their fate, the fishermen killing them knows it’s morally wrong but does not stop, and that this is not a instant death, it is suffering. There was one scene where a dolphin would be swimming trying to escape, with a trail of blood following it until it died.

Though I care mainly for the dolphins in this crisis, I think it’s wrong that the people of Japan are tricked into eating the dolphin meat. Dolphin meat is filled with mercury, the government knows about this, but still allow people to mistakenly eat it. Mercury poisoning is very seriously and can do some horrible damage. Not only are the innocent dolphin suffering, but so are the innocent people that has no part in this murder.

23,000 Dolphins are slaughtered every year at this point, at this rate I can safely say that sooner or later there will be no more dolphins. Action has to be taken, this is my part of the contribution, trying to spread awareness. This horror needs to stop and only us the people can make it happen. Please help!

Or just watch the move yourself to see what is really happening first hand.


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