Eh eh! Hot boys please.

I don’t know how I actually feel about this. I really don’t care about the hits that my blog gets, it’s just another number that I can look at. Sometimes it makes me smile when I get those extra hits, but when I don’t I just move on. But when I check my daily stats and see that the search engine terms that people use to come to my blog consist of ‘Hottest underage boys’ or ‘Mat Gordon hot’ (this one is actually most often, daily almost)  it really makes me wonder. Obviously their intentions of explore/searching for blogs is not to see my blog, my blog is so irrevant to what they are looking for. It also makes me think, wow the popularity of the guy/guys. It is quite impressive. The fact that people search your name plus the chances of them coming across my blog of nothingness. What are the chances? I wonder where I would end up if I search my name… Yeah just checked. Boring.

Speaking of boring, that is what my physics readings are like. It’s like looking at wall paper, except the fact that I have to remember useless stuff.


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