I’m a girl so I’m most likely to be comparing myself to other girls. Be it looks, personality or popularity, it’s always going to happen. I’m not sure why though, I may act like I don’t care about other people, I actually do. But to be honest the girls that I size up or down most are other asians. I don’t know why, it’s just that when I compare my self to other asian girls it makes me feel like I am comparable to them. I don’t get the same feeling with caucasian girls or darker skin girls. It’s so weird. I just don’t feel that I can compare myself to them physically as, let’s face it, we are exteriorly different. I creep how other asian girls do their make up, as maybe I too can look good like them. Sad fact: I would go to myspace and click on emo/scene asian girls and I wonder to myself, how are they able to pull off that look while I can’t. Or I would see other asian girls out and wonder to myself, how are they able to hold them selves up so highly while I’m down in the slums with my self confidence. Another example is that when I see other asian girls in all these weekend party pictures, I wonder to myself, how are they allowed? Aren’t their parents asian? Shouldn’t they be strict? The whole stereotype really sticks with me.This is not to sound racist but I just can’t do the same for non asians. They are on a whole different level in my eyes where I am not able to compare myself to them. Not different level as in they are higher, but I myself are nothing like them, beauty wise, or socially wise. It’s quite sad actually.


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