I don’t like New Years Eve all the much. The fact that while everyone is out and about having fun socializing with each other and counting down with each other, I’m stuck at home. When I think New Year’s Eve, I think working and smelling like Chinese food. Y’see New Years is a busy time for restaurants, and that means the restaurant of which my mum works at, calls me in. Today I asked my mum when I would not have to be called in to work, knowing that even if I’m off the university I would be home for the winter holidays, she said as long as she’s working there and I’m home, I’ll have to go. There goes the rest of my New Years yet-to-come. Okay, I’m sure alot of other people work on the lovely day too and goes home shower and then go out. I don’t have a place to go out to most of the time. I don’t get invited, I don’t get told of a place to go. So I’m always stuck home wondering what kind of hilarious shit is going down at the party next door. That’s what you get for being a loser. It’s not like my family is super into the whole Time Square ball drop count down either. It’s just like any other night except they get to earn a couple extra bucks.

I’m off the shower now, after hoping that someone might have thought enough to maybe invite me to something last minute because they actually wanted me there. No such luck.

So I guess until the day where I can experience this wondrous New Years feeling everyone else experiences, I can’t really say I exactly love this annual digit change in our year.


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