Duration: 3 hours.

A waste of three hours. You know the feeling where you felt so confident in what you are/were doing, only to later find out that you failed? The whole time I was drawing this, I felt so confide, thinking to myself, ‘Oh wow this really does look like Megan Fox.’ Oh look, the lips look so good.’ It is not till ten minutes after I finished and came back to look at it that I see the errors, the lack of similarity and what I could have done before I finsihed it that would have made it better.

The face is totally in the wrong angle. Yeah it’s looking up, but it’s not tilted it enough. The face needed to be more 3/4 than head on. The nose it too high, and the eyes are too big. And the thing that bugs me the most is the humungus chin and jaw. I knew it should have been smaller, I already made it smaller, but I guess that wasn’t enough.

I guess I’m not that great at recreating, so I’lll look at simply creating from now on. I don’t need to copy other things to be good, I can be good at art by designing and creating.

That drawing does NOT do Megan Fox justice.


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