Being raised by parents that doesn’t speak the mother tongue of our nation’s language has made me hate certain things. I don’t like being the translator between two parties. There has been so many times where I had to translate back and forth. Because in the end, it is me having to know all the vocabulary in both language. It is me that has to tell the sales representatives that their price is not good, that we are cheap and that we won’t pay full price. It is always me that has to be the bearer of bad news of voiding contracts, and telling them that we’re just not interested. I’m also the phone operator of the house. I’ve come to a great disliking of using the phone. I don’t like calling in for troubleshooting, because my parents were not able to install things correctly. I hate calling back 5 minutes later because my parents decide to change their mind, and calling back another 5 minutes later to change it back to their previous thoughts because they are indecisive.

I don’t like having to know about adult troubles that adults have, and having to being stuck in the middle of this language battlefield.

Don’t fucking sign contracts, when you’re going to fucking want to void it. Because I will have to be the fucking bitch to tell that to the nice lady. Don’t make up fucking excuses that mean nothing just so you can use that as the reason to void the contract. Don’t be fucking cheap and not agree to pay the extra 1500 dollars and result in losing a house that we all liked. You’re fucking cheap and is a nasty person that likes to make scenes. I hope to god that this is not an asian trait.

Please mind my random blabbling above, here’s the story:

We are trying to find a house, we went to a real estate place and got themselves a sales representatives. They signed a contract with her for her to represent them when they get a house. This contract from what I know will last six months. (She’s a nice pretty lady) She helped them find houses with their budget and such, and did what a sales rep is paid to do. The other day we saw a house that we liked, they made offers for it. My cheap ass mother decides to make offers below the asked price. By below I mean over 10000 below. After much back and forth with the owner through the rep, someone else got the house by paying the market price. It’s funny really, we all liked the house, it was nicely kept etc. But my mother keeps on insisting that ‘if they really want to sell the house, they’ll take our offer.’ Well fuck that, you’re wrong. Okay that house is out of the hole. We continue looking, while I should have been studying, I was being the caring daughter and looked houses upon houses up on the internet for hours. Yesterday my dad saw a house in the paper, the price and pictures were decent the only thing missing was the location of the house. We called the number listed ( which turned out to be at the same real estate place) She helped us a little, and I explained that another rep from her company is already aiding us. I guess later she told our rep later that we called. The same day, my dad looked at these houses that was about to be built in this new area. He liked what he was seeing and we think that we are going to get a house there. Later that day, our sales rep called us and told us that she heard that we called her coworker and reminded us that if we had any questions we can call her instead, since two reps from the same company cannot work for the same person. And later on she called and talked to me about something about new houses. I thought she was talking about the newer houses that my dad looked at earlier that day that is to be built. I was confused on how she knew and such and so was my dad. Well I think my parents were set on getting the ‘to be built’ houses and felt that they don’t need our sales rep anymore. I called her and told a lie that we don’t need to move anymore, and she told me that it’s okay, and that the contract will last for the next 6 months. And anytime I decide to get a house during the time, we’ll just get her help. I also asked how she knew about the new house we were looking at and it turns out she was talking about the house we called earlier about. Misunderstanding. My dad being the prick he is, yelled at me for not asking for all the information. He was ‘furious’ about the fact that she found out about the ‘to be build’ house, but I explained that it was all a misunderstanding and she was talking about something else. He totally did a 180 and turned this rage to this reason ‘that her coworker told her about us being interested in another house. Some sort of customer confidentiality’ I really don’t see the problem here, they work together, and her coworker just told her that we were interested in something. Is that really some sort of confidentiality issue? Well he told me to call back and was like just void the fucking contract. I did and left a message. She called back and asked why, I told her that he didn’t give a reason, and she said ‘well he can’t just void it just for the heck of it.’ Basically she needs a better reason. I told father dearest that, and he said ‘Well I’m going up there tomorrow, and I’m bring up the confidentiality issue.’ Basically, he’s going to pull a fit and ask the other lady to come out. Turns out his plan includes. I asked later why this is such a big deal and why he has to get rid of our rep. His reason, he has to pay commisiion or something if he gets the house.

So basically all this unreasonably lieing, is to save some dough.

I don’t like being in the middle of things, as you can see from above. I called my mum and explained what is happening crying. I’m so frustrated. Do I really need to stress about house issues? While I should be stressing about my major math and physics exam coming next week? Is this really necessary?

Fuck me.


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