Getting shot down.

You know the feeling where you are just super high, too happy to explain in words, but the next moment, everything can be turned to shit just like that? Well it really makes me mad.

I got my license for about 2 weeks now, I’ve been happily driving around doing errands for the parents and for myself, enjoying the freedom and such. You know the things you do when you first get your license. My parents being the smarty pants that they are got my insurance right away, so everything was set to go.

After doing tons of driving and getting used to the idea of getting the car two/ three times a week my parents decide to drop the bomb.

I go upstairs and told them that I got gas for them when I was out, this is how the respond to that ‘ Orange, we calculated that your insurance will cost about $2000 more a year, so you might not be able to drive anymore.’ Okay, you couldn’t have done this research before you decide to prance around to get my insurance making me feel important. You decide to be the dick you are to tell me this load of shit, three weeks later? You had to put the cherry on top before you kick down the cake.

I don’t understand you, I like you because you guys are my parents, but some of the things you say or decide to do is just so indecisive and so abstract that I can’t take anything you do seriously anymore, I always need a plan B if you guys don’t follow through with anything you do or promise.

Parents are fucking shitters.


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