The olympics is a beautful thing. A unitation of the world, a presentation of our nations pride and the chance of achieving the dreams of the hard worked atheletes of the world. I get shivers when watching it, I get tingles, I get shivers, my hair stands up. I’m watching the Olympic opening ceremony right now that is taking place in Vancouver, Canada. My home country. The very fact that this is all happening on the same soil that I am stepping on is ecstatic. I may only be a spectator of this event, but I feel so much involved. It is exciting, watching our country at it’s best. I may be bias towards this event. I know there are people that are against, but that’s them and this is me. I feel proud to be this country that is going to be home for the hundreds of atheletes that will be staying here for the next 17 days. Our national anthem is now playing, and I’m all giddy all over. This ladies and gents, is my nationalism towards my beloved country.

Olympics happens every 2 years, enlightening us with our talented super humans of our world. They compete for their chance for gold, representing their country and most definetly their selves. All the hard work that is put into their lives are being lived in the next 2 and a half weeks. I give them props. They are talented and hard working, and it makes the rest of us believe that dreams are obtainable. (Realistic ones that is)

Oh good times.


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