What is this unconditional love idea? Does it exist? People fall in love when they were young and naive, but does it last? Obviously not since all the people that has been a relationship together or decided to get married all seem to fall into the bad habit of filling their relationship with lies and deceit.

It is a miracle when I see old couples holding hands together happily loving each other to their old age. But at the same time, the divorce rate in our society today is so high. I understand that they can both exist, but does one overshadow the other? No one is ever going to be perfect enough for someone, there will always be someone that over rides that expectation of one’s image of perfection. Be it physical, emotional or mental, someone can always be above that.

The feeling of love does not stay the same, and it will naturally fade away. If not all of it, some of it will disappear. As you come to know an individual more and more, there will always be the flaws in your relationship. It’s bullshit when someone say that they agree in everything, there will always be something. I’m no expert in this area, but I do have common sense of how basic human beings work.

No one is so pure that they will never think of someone else. Even if they don’t cheat, they will always have lust for some other being. It may be that as you get older, younger people seem more appealing. Or that some new hot secretary is now working for you. One will always have that lust for others, while they have a significant other. Come lust, there’s the opportunity.

Does television effect the society that we are in today. It may or may not be, maybe it’s for the dramatic effects to keep its audience. It seems that in every show, there are cheats and lies in every relationship. There is a lack of trust and honesty. And from what I can observe, it goes the same for the real world.

Well, who am I to judge. It’s not like we are brought to earth to find a true love. If that were true, then it is possible for everyone on earth to find their other half with no problem. But that’s not true is it? Personally, our job on earth is to procreate, just like how the cave people were doing it thousands of years ago.


One response to “‘Love’

  1. You made some good points in there…

    I think that any relationship is like a seesaw, never completely balanced (despite what your loved-up friends will tell you).
    I guess the ones that last can deal with these imbalances and acknowledge them as part of life.

    And let’s not forget that any relationship that was completely stable with no outer lust, arguements, debates would be utterly boring.

    We all want fireworks…

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