Self esteem, again.

When ever people tell me stories of them getting hit on or getting checked out, I can’t help it but feel jealous and envy them. I feel happy for them, that they are getting the confidence boosters that i wish I can get from time to time, but that doesn’t happen.

I don’t know if I’m just too plain awkward and ugly that I don’t get the same attention that the other girls do, or I’m just that clueless. I really don’t think I’m that clueless as I check guys out all the time and I never get the same looks back. So I’ll just say it was the first one.

I look in the mirror and don’t necessarily see myself as major ugly, but don’t have this profound confidence so the ugliness peaks through. It’s disgusting. I try to ignore my flaws when I look at myself and focus on the good stuff. But the negative over shadows the positives.


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