Drama Queen.

I think I’m ove reacting, and being a drama queen when adressing this new issue that has arise.

My father decided to buy paint that is on sale to repaint the house. Problem A: He did not take a sample of the colour he wanted to the store so he had to choose a colour that is ‘close’ to what he thinks our walls actually is. There is a reason that the walls in our kitchen, great room, family room and hallways are the colour that they are. They tiles is a shade of the bluey-green, the carpet is a shade of the bluely-green, and the kitchen counter tops are a shade of the bluey-green. He goes and buys a shade that is far too blue with no green. So basically all unity is ruined. Problem B: He bought gallons upon gallons of paint, and he has the guts to say that he is painting the whole house that colour. Excuse me? You made this decision of over splurging of a colour that we did not choose as a family and you want to paint MY room? Don’t drag me down with your stupidity. There is nothing wrong with my room, it has a nice pink/magenta theme and I’m going to keep it that way. No one is going to make my room look like shit compared to the rest of the house by matching a blue wall with a overly pink carpet. How dare you force this upon the family? Problem C: Who paints the whole house one colour? How dull would that be? Different rooms have different moods and feels, and you can’t take that away. I don’t want to feel the same way in the shitroom as I do in the kitchen.

But I guess this is out of my hands how, the paint is bought and I’ll just have to live with a house that is unity-challenged walls. As long as my room stays the way it is, I don’t care how much paint you have left that you need to use, paint another three layers int he family room, just don’t touch my room.

Fuck this is ridiculous.


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