Good times.

Yesterday and today were a good two days. Everything just fit together. So much content excitement filled my days.

Yesterday me and one of my best friend went out into the city for prom dress shopping. We went to a store with high expectations, and we came out with smiles on our faces. Even though I had to pay over $350 for a prom dress, I never felt so happy with a purchase. Not only do I really like this dress, it made me like my body. It gave the illusions of nice curves and accentuated my goods. My best friend also got a dress she liked, though it may not have been her dream dress, it was special. Another pro with our purchase was the fact that no one else would have the same dress as us. Yes there might be similar styles, but there are only so many styles girls can get before they repeat. Ours was one of a kind, and will be there through the bads and goods on that prom night.

I also had a blast trying something new yesterday. I’ve never tried legit korean food before and it was ‘different’ There was stuff I liked and stuff I didn’t like of course, but the fact that I was able to change up my appetite was awesome. PS. I’ve never sat on the ground to eat before, it was AWESOME! Oh and never have I went to the guys room before, not so awesome. 😉 right yangem?

When I got home, I found a new bed sitting in the middle of my room. I know, it’s no big deal, but for the longest time, I’ve always slept on the ground. Maybe I’m exaggerating it, my bed consists or two mattresses stacked on top of each other on the ground. I’ve never had a real bed frame before, and this makes me happy.

Today after I came home from shopping, something else was new to me. I got a new toilet.  Yes, now it’s just getting ridiculous, but I got excited. My previous toilet was the worse thing ever as I was never able to do a number two. It would always get clogged. It’s quite embarrassing. That’s why this is an anonymous blog;) I would always have to rush upstairs to use the toilet. Now all is fixed!

And finally, shortly after the toilet news, I found out that I have been invited for an interview at my number one University. I jumped up and down, screamed and squealed. I have been waiting for this for so long, and feared that my average was not high enough. I swear this anticipation lasted for the last three years! Yes, this does not guarantee me a spot for the class coming up this fall, but it just gives me a boost of confidence. It was good to know that I was among the top 600 students that applied for the program. Now I must prep myself for my interview next month and hope to prove to the interviewees why I have the qualifications to be one of the 70 students they choose.

Life’s good. For now.


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