So I’m not allowed to go?

I come home at around 6:30 and askes my dad when supper was going to be. He replies that it’s not done, and I ask when it will be. I replies ferociously and I explain so I can see when I can go to the gym afterwards. He says that I must wait an hour so in my head I calculate that I will go at around 9 and come home around 11. Not wanting to go to the gym so late, I suggest that I go now, before supper. He says that he can’t drive me as he’s cooking, in the meantime, he is getting angrier and angrier by the second. I suggest that I walk seeing as it is not a far walk. He spazzes and says that I shouldn’t even come home, and I agree and went down stairs to pack my stuff to head off to the gym.

He comes down after me and yells at me and starts saying how I never informed him that I was going to the gym tonight. Never in the past months that he’s been here had I need to inform him, I go when I have time and he would drive me. I just stare at him. Huge argument arose. He started bringing up things that didn’t even make sense in the situation of our discussion and kept on going how I never do what I’m suppose to, and that I never tell him ahead of time for anything (this I understand) and how he always gives me the best of anything (?? How did this have anything to do with me wanting to go to the gym??) All that was running through my head was the fact that he’s not letting me walk to the gym, it’s a 20 min walk, which will add to my overall work out. I don’t live in a remotely dangerous city so I don’t understand what was going on. He complains that he has to make food for me. The fact is, I usually barely eat what he cooks, three bites of rice and a bit of everything else. I finish within 5 mins of the meal. He tells me that I still have to wait an hour. He spends the next 10 mins talking to me about caring for me and how I won’t die if I don’t go to the gym for a day. Well he’s the one that makes fun of my weight. He was the one that laughed at me last week when I showed him the results that I’m proud of.

My father is a bullshitter of all levels. You buy me the best, but you never treat anyone around you the best. So don’t tell me about trying to give me the best when all you’re doing is trying to buy a relationship from me to cover up your anger issues.


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