I have a goal. This goal consist of my loosing 10 pounds of fat and gain two pounds of muscle for prom. By doing so, my percent body fat will go from a 30% to a 25%. Is it possible? In the past six months my weight has not changed at all, but I ended up loosing 9 lbs of fat and gaining 9 lbs of muscle. What if that happens again? I’m ready to work my ass off to look good at prom, and after that, look good for the summer, and look smoking for university. This isn’t a short term goal, I want to maintain what I do to my body. I want to know how it feels to live a healthy lifestyle, but exercising and eating right. It’s just kind of funny, the average person does not live a healthy lifestlye, well where I am anyways. I don’t want to fall into that trend, I want to happy with how I feel and look.

A few weeks ago, my friend decided to go on a diet. She described this as ‘Eating healthy, no junk food and exercise.’ Is this what people perceive as a diet now a days? Simply being healthy? A few of us tried to explain to her that her idea of a ‘diet’ is what is recommended for normal human beings for a healthy lifestyle. She said that her normal lifestyle is anything but so she will call it a diet, as she knows it is going to be difficult.

I’ve been told that I might never achieve my ideal look, but I can try can’t I? There is a reason why I pay $40 dollars a month for the gym and work my as off 3-4 times a week. I want to have an healthy look. I don’t want to be stick thin, I want to look as if I’m fit. When I see people that look fit, it makes me want to be like that too, it makes me want to eat better and workout more. I see that they must actually care about what they eat and what they do that the majority of the society don’t.


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