I’m scared. I’m scared that I am not good enough. That I am not able to get into the school I’ve been dreaming of going into since grade 10.

I just had a break down, waterworks and all. What made me think that I was able to stand out amoung 600 other applicants? To be one of the 70 talented students chosen to be accepted.For the past few days, I’m been optimistic, but now, I’ve realized that I’m nothing special. I don’t have anything. I’m average. I’m normal, I’m amoung the rest.

I’m not going to be able make my parents proud, to get into a prestigue school, I’m going to make them look back, having a daughter that was not able to get what she wants academically. And most of all I won’t be able to make my dreams come true.

I’ve worked so hard, all the time I put in studying, growing as a student. It’s all going to wasted. I will always going to be second rated, going to the backup school because my number one school rejected me. I’m scared.

I understand that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I know me, I know my luck with thngs i want. I want work hard, but luck is never on my side. I will always be the one with the dissappountment.

I’m not even going to hope anymore, what ever happens, will happen. Nothing will change their decision, since it has already been made today, I will just have to wait.


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