Dumbledore was right, there really can be a bright side in the darkest of times.

Here’s the plan. If I do not get into university next year, I will head up north to my dad’s new restaurant to help out for three months. He has promised me $9000 for three months of work. The down side? This place is 6 hours away, a city of 3000 people. I’m sure you can understand where I am coming from. At first I cried and begged to not go up there, but than I thought of the cash I will be reeling in and the fact that even if I stay here, I won’t be with my biffs anyways so it really doesn’t matter. It’s only 3 months. I can life. Here’s where the fun part comes in. At first I wanted to save up money working for the first semester of school and go to Hong Kong to get my HK id card, alone with doing that, I will be able to shop and see relatives and etc. I will then fly to Australia for a bit than come home. I’ve since then scratched the idea because now I want to go to PARIS! I want to spend a week there as an ‘escape’. I’m not looking for anything glamorous, really. I will pack a few outfits and take in Paris. It’s a time of spontanity. I want to draw and photograph the beauty of Paris. Stay at a hostel (told you nothing glamorous), and just be independent. Knowing me, I’ll do fine, I’m good with directions, besides getting lost will only add to the excitement! I’ve found tickets ranging from 600-700 dollars, and hostels that are 40-50 dollars per night. This will add up to be $1500 the most. Love life? And then I’ll just bring a few hundred euros to make it even better. All of it won’t even hit $3000, hopefully.

But anyways, I don’t even care anymore, I tried my best and I’m rewarding myself I don’t get in. Why get depressed from the lame fact? I’m young, I have time to spare, so live it!

Honestly I think I’m getting too excited for not getting into school than I am, actually getting into it!


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