Just leave.

Ever since you and your brother were born, I’ve never been happy. I’ve only been frustrated

– My father.

What kind of pep talk was that? The whole drive home, he was talking about everything that bugs him about us. How we don’t take any responsibility for anything. We don’t clean up around the house, wait, how we don’t do enough. This refers to when we leave a single fork out by mistake when all the other dishes are done and dried. We life like out parents are our slaves and maids. We’re honestly not that bad, you just like to poke out everything you can. How if I spend the time I’m on the internet on homework, I would be smarter and actually get into university. Sorry that I am a teenager that does the same thing all the other average teenagers do in the world. I’m sorry that my 86% isn’t good enough for you. I’m sure a grade 11 drop out like you can understand the hard work I have to put in to get that mark. That I am wasting their money all the time. My plan on going to Paris is a waste of money, cause I already went. I’m doing something that I love, with money that I will earn. Who are you to tell me what to do? I’m a legal adult now, this does not cause suffering on your part, as honestly I will be the one that will be suffering through the 3 months of isolation of labour in a foreign town. Am I not allowed to make a shitty year into a good one?

I can tell that you really love us dad. You’re only here because of the obligation of paying back all the years you weren’t here for us. You’re not here cause you want to, trust me I know. At first I was happy that we’re one happy family again, but the happy is kind of a over statement. I don’t enjoy getting hollered at every day. And the only time we ‘bond’ with each other is… Never. You are always complaining what horrible children we are, never impressed with anything we do. I can’t wait till you leave back to HK. Really, just go if you can’t stand us. I’m sure we will all be just as happy, or even happier.

Thanks dad, you really make my day.


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